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BioResponse Corp. offers professional and discreet services to all of our clients. Our services exceed all safety standards created by O.S.H.A and The Department of Health

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South Florida's Premier Biohazard Cleanup Company

Human blood and bodily fluids pose a high risk to individuals who perform blood cleanup services. Blood cleanup has the ability to spread infectious diseases from blood such as AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and many more. OSHA requires all workers in the crime scene clean up and biohazard industry to obtain proper certifications and training for all blood cleanup. BioResponse is certified and licensed by the Florida Department of Health. Additionally, BioResponse’s founder and operations manager is a certified professional firefighter and Haz-Mat technician.

BioResponse Corp. is the largest Miami based Biohazard cleanup company in South Florida. Working for Local, State, and Federal governments as well as private businesses and individuals to restore biohazard and affected areas to a safe non-hazardous state.

Why Choose BioResponse Corp?


Our staff exhibits a line of conduct characterized by courteous and conscientious behavior while maintaining a high ethical standard. With professional management, staff, and a guaranteed 1 hour response time, We are your first step to moving on.


Our staff exhibits good judgment, conduct and preserves prudent silence when providing our services. We strive to genuinely demonstrate the utmost compassion and respect to all our clients whether we are providing crime scene cleanup for government entities or unattended death cleanup for mourning families.


We are Miami’s premier crime scene cleanup company and maintain precautions and activities that exceed standards created by O.S.H.A and The Department of Health while reducing related risks to human health. By Focusing on quality and consistently training our staff and technicians, we guarantee the utmost safety while providing all clients with our services.


BioResponse Corp. is fully licensed,insured and registered with Florida Department of Health.

Our Highlights

  • Years of Experience
    BioResponse, Corp. has over 10 years of experience handling every size and severity of restorations in the environmental health industry. In those 11 years BioResponse has never closed, always prepared to respond rapidly.

  • Licensed and Insured
    Licensed and utilize IICRC Industry Standards.Also fully licensed,insured and registered with Florida Department of Health.

  • We have South Florida Covered
    Serving all of South Florida from Key West all the way up to West Palm Beach.

  • Miami Dades Preferred Vendor
    Preferred Vendor to Miami-Dade Transit, Miami-Dade Police, Miami-Dade Housing, City of Miami, City of Miami Beach and many other State, Federal and City departments.

  • Experienced Owner and Staff
    Owned by Professional Firefighter and Certified Haz-Mat Technicians.

  • Direct Insurance Billing
    Can bill and communicate direct to insurance.


In times like these your quality work and attention to detail is appreciated.Your employees were very professional and pleasent to deal with. Thank you from all my family.

2007 Customer

Your immediate response and excellent cleaning is appreciated. Thanks for working with our budget. We plan to use Bioresponse again.

2009 Property Manager

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