• Miami Water Restoration

    Miami's #1 Water Restoration Company

    Water damage strikes fast and rapid response is needed. BioResponse responds quickly with all available equipment to reduce the damage caused by unwanted water. Undried water converts to potentially...

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  • Miami Fire Restoration

    Miami's #1 Fire Restoration Company

    Fcan leave a property covered in soot, trenched in water and with a pervasive odor of smoke. BioResponse professionals are highly trained in restoring...

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  • Miami Crime Scene Cleanup

    Miami's #1 Crime Scene Cleanup Company

    In the wake of a violent crime the need arises to clean and disinfect a scene. The scene can be dangerous due to the blood borne pathogens, bacteria and mold spores from the death. Risks of exposure...

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  • Miami Biohazard Cleanup

    Biohazard Cleanup

    Human blood and bodily fluids pose a high risk to individuals who perform blood cleanup services. Blood cleanup has the ability to spread infectious diseases from blood such as AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and many more...

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Miami Biohazard Cleanup Miami Biohazard Cleanup Miami Biohazard Cleanup

About Us

BioResponse Corp., established in 2005, has been serving South Florida residents, businesses and governmental agencies. Providing restoration services for environments affected by Fire, Water or Biohazards, BioResponse has proven that calling us is the first step to moving on.

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Our Clients

Miami Crime Scene Cleanup

Miami Property Managers

BioResponse has worked with property managers since 2005. Providing rapid response and professional service to ensure satisfaction and a safe non hazardous environment.

Miami Crime Scene Cleanup

Miami Dade County

BioResponse Corp. has been the preferred biohazard cleanup vendor for the last six years working directly with Miami Dade Police and Miami Transit and Housing Authority to provide services 24/7 with a rapid response time.

Florida International University

BioResponse Corp. has been called on many times by Florida International University because of our quality services. We have provided our services for the past 4 years 24/7 with a rapid response time.

The City of Miami

In April 2009 BioResponse Corp. became a preferred vendor for the City Of Miami Police Department and for the past 4 years have provided our services 24/7 with a rapid response time.


BioResponse Corp. exhibits a line of conduct characterized by courteous and conscientious behavior while maintaining a high ethical standard. With professional management, staff, and a guaranteed rapid response time, BioResponse Corp. is your first step to moving on.

Rapid Response

BioResponse ensures rapid response 24 hours a day. We understand the nature of emergencies and the need to stabilize the damage to properties. We strive to genuinely bring calm by being the highly trained expert with the most advanced equipment on site rapidly. We exhibit good judgment and communication to collaborate with all stakeholders in the process.

Premium Service

Utilizing experienced and highly trained personal with top of the line equipment, Bioresponse exceeds IIRC, OSHA and D.O.H standards. This focus on standards ensures high quality restoration and utmost emphasize on safety for our employees and client’s property. Proper documentation is also trained and guaranteed to ensure proper communication with clients and insurance carriers.

Why a Pre-Disaster Agreement is Important

Your Building is in the “Cone of Certainty” for A Category 4 Hurricane land fall. Your occupants are calling to ask a million questions. “Do we have to evacuate?” “Does insurance cover my unit?” “Can I leave my dog?”

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In times like these your quality work and attention to detail is appreciated.Your employees were very professional and pleasent to deal with. Thank you from all my family.

2007 Customer

Your immediate response and excellent cleaning is appreciated. Thanks for working with our budget. We plan to use Bioresponse again.

2009 Property Manager

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