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Filing A Home Insurance Claim

If you are a homeowner dealing with damage to your residence due to a burglary, natural disaster, water pipe break, fire, or if you find mold growing in your home, you may want to consider filing a home insurance claim.

Below we will provide you with a step-by-step guide of how to get started. So when tragedy strikes, you will be more than prepared.

Make sure to read your insurance policy and understand your coverage.

It is important to understand what your policy covers and what it does not. For example, more often than not, standard insurance won’t cover flood damage. It is critical to be informed on the limits, add-on provisions, etc. within your particular policy. You can find mostly everything you need on the Declaration Page in the first few pages of your policy paperwork.

Determine if there is any crime involved that needs to be reported to the police.

If you are the victim of larceny or your home has been vandalized, your insurance company may require a police report to support your claim. This is an important step you’ll want to take if there is crime involved in the damages your home has incurred.

Phone your insurance company as soon as possible.

It is important to not delay this part of the process. However, bear in mind, if the price of repairs is lower than your deductible then you should consider the need to proceed. If you do open a claim you can choose not continue once more information is available.

Fill out claim forms without delay.

If the process moves forward, your insurance company will send you claim forms to fill out. Be sure to complete these in a timely manner in order to avoid any unnecessary holdups.

Keep receipts and document everything that might support your claim.

It is critical to have documented evidence of any and all damages. Take photos and videos. This is significant not only to provide additional proof of your claim, but also if in the future you receive a low payout from your insurance and decide to appeal.

If for any reason you are forced to move, make sure to keep receipts of these and other added costs (food, hotels, etc.) as most homeowners insurance will provide reimbursement for additional living expenses.

Moreover, your insurance company will likely coordinate a day for an adjuster to inspect your home. Be sure to prepare and create a list of lost or damaged items to give them.

BioResponse Restoration recommends www.Claimsadvisor.com to upload your home inventory and policy into the cloud at no cost.

Make temporary repairs to avoid further damage to your property

After having substantial documented proof of damages and/or being visited by an adjuster (the severity of the damages your home has incurred might determine how promptly you may need to act on making repairs), take whatever steps you might need to in order to safeguard your home from additional harm. Remember do not throw away any damaged items, as you may be able to submit them for reimbursement. In essence, you want to be sure you are acting fast and documenting all damages with great detail.

BioResponse Restoration can assist in mitigating further damage such as water leaks. Preventing mold starts with acting quick to properly dry your home. BioResponse Restoration will fully document all losses and can even bill insurance directly.

The benefits of a public adjuster

If you are unhappy with the payout from your insurance company, a public adjuster may be what you need to negotiate an appeal and receive the payout you deserve. It is critical, however, to do your research and ensure you are hiring an experienced one to represent you.

Contact us to learn more about our list of skilled and qualified adjusters, and we’ll be more than happy to send you a recommendation. We truly hope this comprehensive list helps you feel better equipped when filing a home insurance claim.

To summarize,

  • Be informed on your policy and what it does and doesn’t cover.
  • If losses are small (close to the deductible or a just a bit over), it might be beneficial to not file a claim
  • Act Fast and Promptly Fill Out Claim Forms

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Professional, forthcoming and quick response. After hurricane Michael there were lots of vultures and low life’s trying to take advantage of the victims. Nicolas responded quickly completed the quote, which was below what I expected, and they stuck to it. Manny responded with his crew and completed the remediation in a timely, safe, clean and professional manner. The major thing they did was showed concern for safety, compassion for the victims and respect for you and your property. Great Job, Thanks!

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