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Information for Child Care Facility

This facility has contracted BRC Infection Control Solutions to protect your child from the risk of infections. On a weekly basis BRC performs an innovative yet safe disinfection process that ensures complete 360 degree coverage of surfaces with safe non-toxic chemicals that are environmentally safe. The facility also performs regularly scheduled cleanings using health based cleaning practices that have proven results in reducing harmful germs, ultimately crating a safe and pleasant environment for children and teachers. Cleaning staff utilizes safe non-toxic chemicals that prove effective while still being safe to children and eco-friendly. Employees and trainers have been trained in infection prevention practices. Additionally, this facility invests in providing you the resources needed to reduce the risk of infections. This facility has put into practice the following preventative actions:

  • Teachers and administration trained on Infection Prevention Principles.
  • Cleaning staff trained and performs health based cleaning practices.
  • Protocols in place in the case of an outbreak. Including but not limited to increased disinfection, communications to parents and
  • staff and increased surveillance of symptoms.
  • Weekly disinfections performed by BRC Infection Control Solutions.

80% of infections are contracted by touch. By simply cleaning teaching children to clean their hands and cleaning the surfaces they regularly come in contact with you can dramatically reduce the risk of infections. Hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers have been shown to reduce illness and absenteeism rates among both children and adults by 30 to 50 percent. This includes common colds and more serious infections. The responsibility of reducing the risk of infection literally falls in yours hands. This facility has taken measures to protect your child, please do your part to protect your child and their fellow students.

To show the impact of proper cleaning and disinfecting, a study called for cleaning and disinfecting the classroom desks of first-, fourth- and fifth-graders after the end of each school day. Absenteeism was reduced by 50 percent compared with classrooms where this was not done. In another study, the impact of providing an alcohol-based sanitizer and disinfecting key surfaces in the classroom resulted in a reduction by more than 50 percent in the occurrence of noroviruses on surfaces.

This Child Care facility has taken preventative actions to help reduce the spread of infections. By working together administration, teachers, cleaning staff and parents can help break the chain of infections. Below are steps you can take to help protect your child and fellow classmates.

  • Teach and practice good hand cleaning practices. Kids love hand sanitizers but make sure they also learn and practice washing hands with soap and water.
  • Clean and cover up wounds and rashes.
  • Monitor wounds and rashes. If it worsens seek medical attention.
  • If your child has cold or flu like symptoms please keep them home.
  • If a serious skin infection or communicable infection has been diagnosed please inform administration.
  • Regularly clean objects taken to and from school.

BRC Infection Control Solutions does perform residential disinfections and provides discounts to families of child care facilities that contract BRC. Conduct us to receive information.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average child catches at least eight colds in a year, and kids in the United States miss as many as 189 million school days each year because of colds.

In a recent survey of the medical profession, the British medical journal, The Lancet, reported that hygiene and sanitation have had the biggest influence on the spread of human diseases in the history of humankind, even more than antibiotics and vaccines.

By improving the way schools are cleaned, administrators can fight germs on the ground level and effectively keep kids and teachers in the classroom. – DR. Charles Gerba, AKA Dr. Germ

It is estimated that 2 to 3 percent of adults and children carry MRSA. It has been found to survive on tabletops for 12 days and plastic surfaces for 11 days.- DR. Charles Gerba, AKA Dr. Germ


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