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Vote For Rescue Rob 

Vote For Rescue Rob

Written by: William Sergio

The 2020 Election season has been very chaotic and contentious. People are passionate about politics and defend the side they are on. Politics can divide people into categories which can lead to fighting and loss of friendships. The last thing we would want to do is divide anyone. Rescue Rob is the kind of candidate that everyone can get behind. He unites people on both sides because he is not tied to any political party or special interest groups.

Who is Rescue Rob?

Rescue Rob is the spokesperson of BioResponse Restoration. Rescue Rob was created to represent strength, courage, honor, integrity, intelligence, hard work, and resilience. When you are dealing with mold, water damage, or biohazards it requires a certain type of person to handle these tough situations. BioResponse Restoration was created to help families and businesses. One of the co-owners of BioResponse Restoration was a fire fighter. Fire fighters are always putting others before themselves and are selflessly risking their lives to help others.

The reason why Rescue Rob is so muscular and strong is because he is molded to look like a superhero. Rescue Rob has integrity because he wants to provide a fair price. At the same time, you pay for quality. Rescue Rob delivers quality work for a fair and reasonable price. Voting for Rescue Rob is a vote for yourself, your business, and your family.

Why Vote For Rescue Rob?

Rescue Rob is a hardworking blue-collar businessman. Always by his side is his trusted Dalmatian Rocket. Dalmatians used to be firehouse dogs because of their natural compatibility with horses. Back in the day, firetrucks were actually horse-drawn carriages.  Dalmatians would run with the horses to calm them down. Since our company was founded by a firefighter, we felt that it was important to add that symbolism. Rocket will always be running along Rob to calm down the storm.

Full Disclosure: Rescue Rob is not a real person and is not actually running for any office. We are trying to tie the election to something positive and offer a distraction from all the chaos that is currently taking place around the world. We are also trying to bring awareness to our company which does great work and provides excellent service. For that reason, you should vote for Rescue Rob and BioResponse Restoration. Vote for us by hiring us as your water damage restoration and/or mold remediation experts.

Who is BioResponse Restoration?

BioResponse Restoration is a water damage restoration, mold remediation, biohazard cleanup, COVID-19 decontamination, emergency/shrink wrap tarping company. Emergencies can strike at any time and BioResponse Restoration provides rapid response quality service to mitigate or remediate damage to your home or business. Our company has been around over 15 years and we have fine tuned, refined, and mastered our craft. We have built trust with businesses, families, and the government by providing quality and professional service.

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The people, especially the lead Manny Pozo, was professional and personable. They used more time and equipment than estimated to dry out a troublesome are that concerned me and never once even suggested increasing the bill. They went well beyond my expectations.

  • Jeff F.
  • Home Advisor

Professional, forthcoming and quick response. After hurricane Michael there were lots of vultures and low life’s trying to take advantage of the victims. Nicolas responded quickly completed the quote, which was below what I expected, and they stuck to it. Manny responded with his crew and completed the remediation in a timely, safe, clean and professional manner. The major thing they did was showed concern for safety, compassion for the victims and respect for you and your property. Great Job, Thanks!

  • Martin G.
  • Home Advisor

I had a noticeable leak in my ceiling and I called BioResponse to come assess the damage. Manny made an appointment with me immediately and was at my house the next day. The work by this company is neat, professional and fast! I highly recommend them!

  • Diana M.
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If you or someone you know has a Water, Mold, Fire or Biohazard emergency, BioResponse Restoration is the company to call!

  • Katrina Farmer
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