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Coronavirus Update: 10 ways to Protect Yourself and Others

Written by: William Sergio

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has completely changed the way we live our lives. It has forced everyone to take more precautions. Before the Coronavirus, masks were only worn in certain professions and by Slipknot. Now most businesses will not even allow you inside if you are not wearing a mask. Even when a state does not have a mask mandate, most businesses will still require you to wear a mask. Since the world has changed, it is important to keep up-to-date with what’s going on with the current state of the Coronavirus.

Here are 10 ways to protect yourself and others:

1. Maintain at least a 1 meter distance.

When you are outside, it is important to maintain at least a 1 meter distance which is a little over 3 feet from anyone who you are standing by or talking to. When you are inside, it is important to be at least 6 feet apart.

2. Wear a mask when you are around other people

The easiest precaution we can take is wearing a mask. Make sure the mask covers your nose, mouth, and chin. Even if you are talking to your best friend, you should be wearing a mask. A fabric mask will be sufficient, but a medical mask may be necessary for someone 60 years of age or older. Respirator masks (such as FFP2, FFP3, N95, N99) should be worn in places where procedures generating aerosols are executed.

3. Practice good hygiene

Thoroughly and regularly wash your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer or with soap and water. People are still in the habit of shaking hands and if you shake someone’s hand, please wash your hands immediately afterwards. Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth especially after coming in to contact with another person. Disinfect and clean surfaces that are regularly touched or used by others. Always clean up after yourself to prevent spreading the virus to others.

4. Eat healthy and stay physically active

Working out and eating healthy are key components to building a stronger immune system. Regular physical activity helps to reduce conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers which increase the susceptibility to COVID-19. Healthy diets are important for supporting good immune systems. Some examples of healthy food would be spinach, broccoli, apples, bananas, chick peas, oranges, black beans. Eating these foods can help to boost your immune system. Also, cutting down on alcohol, fast foods, and quitting smoking improve your overall health.

5. Take care of your mental health

Public health actions, such as social distancing, are causing people to feel alone and isolated. This loneliness and isolation can increase anxiety and stress. Anxiety and fear can cause intense emotions. These intense emotions can affect your mental health. Try to stay connected with family and friends in a safe and healthy way. Modern technology like Zoom or Facetime allows us to stay in touch with our family and friends while also being social distanced.

6. Reduce how often you go out in public and try to avoid crowded areas

Now that restrictions are being lifted it is still important to remain cautious. Try to reduce how often you go out especially if it is a crowded event. If you live with someone who has a compromised immune system, you need to be careful. Practice social distancing and mask wearing, but also be cautious about what you are touching or handling. It is better to stay home if you can than go out and risk catching the virus. Obviously, this is your choice, but you will reduce the chance of contracting the virus by staying in more and avoiding human contact.

7. Get tested if you start to feel sick

Don’t take a chance if you start to feel sick! Please get tested immediately. You could be jeopardizing your family, your co-workers, or your friends by not getting tested. There are so many testing facilities open to the public and there is even free Coronavirus testing in select locations.

8. Protect and educate your children

As much as we envy our children’s carefree nature, we have to teach them to be careful and follow the same guidelines that we have to follow. In school, we must trust that teachers will help to reinforce these safe practices, but it is important that they learn them at home.

9. Support local businesses

Businesses that are following all the guidelines set forth by state and federal governments should be rewarded. Many local businesses have been hit very hard in these tough times. Many of these businesses employ a lot of hard working people who without these jobs have no way to support themselves and their families. We must all stick together and help see each other through these dark times.

10. Hire a professional Coronavirus decontamination company

Businesses have an obligation to keep their patrons safe. The best way of doing this is to hire a professional decontamination company that can guarantee proper sanitation and decontamination. Also, families can utilize this service if someone in their family has been infected. If someone in your family has the virus, it is important to take every step possible to prevent spreading that to the more vulnerable members of your family.

   BioResponse Restoration

BioResponse Restoration truly cares about you and your family. This company was founded on helping businesses and families deal with tough situations. Our first jobs were bio-hazard jobs. After doing this for 15 years, we became the premier biohazard company in South Florida. When the Coronavirus first hit the scene, we were more than prepared because of our experience with biohazard clean ups.

It has also been our mission to share our knowledge. One of our services is training. We have trained different cleaning staffs on proper decontamination methods and wipe downs. Even if we only prevent one person from contracting the virus, that is still one person who could spread it to a dozen. With our methods and techniques, we would definitely prevent more people from catching this virus. It is important to kill this virus by proper decontamination and cleaning methods.

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