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Boat Mold Assessment and Marine Mold Remediation

by | Jan 27, 2021

Boats and Mold

In Florida, there are approximately 1 million boats. Boats range in size and type. When boats are over 33 feet long, they are called yachts. Yachts require more maintenance and are subject to getting mold. Mold grows when there are moisture and a food source. Most boats don’t have an issue with mold because they don’t have many indoor compartments. Since yachts are like homes with rooms and bathrooms, there are more places where mold can grow. In conclusion, Marine Mold Remediation is very common in South Florida, and BioResponse Restoration has a team that specializes in Marine Mold Removal.

Moldy Odor

Why do people usually think that they have mold? Usually, a funky smell triggers someone into thinking that they have mold. Either a funky smell or seeing mold is why people decide to call a mold remediation company. Funky odors do not necessarily mean there is mold. To clarify, an unusual or unpleasant odor could be the sign of something else, especially on a boat or yacht.

Boat Mold Assessment

Before you can determine if there is mold, you have to perform an assessment. What does a professional mold remediator need to bring to an assessment? First, they will usually have a moisture meter. Can a moisture meter detect mold? No, it cannot find mold, but it will locate the moisture pockets where mold can flourish and grow.

Even with moisture meters and no visible signs of mold, there might still be mold. The only way to determine if there is mold is by doing a mold test. By law, the company that performs the mold test cannot be the same company that does the remediation.

Marine Mold Remediation

Marine Mold Remediation

Marine Mold Remediation

After testing positive for mold, it’s time to bring in the marine mold remediation team. BioResponse Restoration has a team that is well trained and equipped to handle marine mold removal. Delicacy is required when remediating a yacht. Remediation on a boat is very different from a house or commercial property because there is no drywall.

The remediation process is very different and requires more care. Furthermore, components on a yacht can be expensive and hard to replace. All of our marine mold remediators take all the necessary precautions to remove any mold carefully and safely.

Surface Mold Remediation

From our experience with marine mold removal, most of the jobs are surface mold jobs. When we deal with homes or commercial properties, mold is hiding in drywall, crawl spaces, attics, etc. On a boat, there are not as many hiding places. Every job is different, but most are surface mold remediation jobs.

First, we use HEPA vacuums to remove the mold spores from the air. The reason we don’t spray antimicrobial spray first is it will spread the spores. Next, we wipe everything down. Mold is everywhere, and it spreads! One of the things we look out for is if mold infiltrated clothes, desks, books, beds, etc. Last, we decide if it is worth cleaning those things or dispose of them.

How Yachts Get Mold

For some boat owners, it doesn’t even cross their minds that they have mold on their boats. When most people think mold, they think it’s something that grows in their home or on their food. Most boat owners that don’t have many indoor compartments on their boat won’t have to worry as much as someone with a yacht. Yachts are just like homes. When a home or yacht has a relative humidity of 60 percent or greater it increases the chances of mold growth.

Since yachts have indoor compartments and rooms, each room will have a separate air conditioning unit. Yachts tend to have split (remote) air conditioning, which is connected by insulated copper tubing. If the air conditioner leaks or sweats excessively, it will cause moisture to begin to form. Once moisture forms and connects with a food source, then hello mold.

How to Prevent Mold on Yachts

Spotting mold on a yacht can be easier than in a house because there are fewer places for mold to hide. The best way to prevent mold is to prevent humidity from causing moisture. How can you do this? Keep your air conditioner on.

Keeping the air conditioner on can be problematic if you don’t live on your boat. You cannot leave your air conditioner running if no one is on the boat to watch over it. With this in mind, yachts require constant maintenance. As a result, many yacht owners hire people to live on their yachts and take care of them year-round.

Before Mold Remediation

Before you can remediate, you must first find the source of the leak. If the air conditioner is not the problem, there is most likely a leak. Also, proper ventilation is important too. Remember, stagnant air holds moisture. When the temperature starts to change, condensation will occur.

Mold Remediation for Boats (Video)

There are so many different types of boats, yachts, and vessels in South Florida and that is why “Marine Mold Removal” is one of the most popular services we offer. We created a video showcasing how we do a marine mold removal assessment.

Part of our business model is to educate. Mold remediation is a complicated subject, and we want our customers to understand the process. Even if you aren’t one of our customers, we will share our knowledge and experience with everyone.

Please check out Marine Mold Removal Assessment Video Below

BioResponse Restoration

Professional mold remediation is a science. Not only do we remediate, but we locate the source of the water damage and fix that first. After many years of being in the mold remediation business, we have mastered and perfected our craft.

Don’t take a chance with water damage and mold. Please hire a professional restoration and remediation company. Remember, mold affects your health and the health of your family. When it comes to your health, don’t take a chance. If you need any of our services, call us at (855) 887 – 4272 or email us (info@bioresponsecorp.com). We Got This!


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