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Why a Pre-Disaster Agreement is Important

Your Building is in the “Cone of Certainty” for A Category 4 Hurricane land fall. Your occupants are calling to ask a million questions. “Do we have to evacuate?” “Does insurance cover my unit?” “Can I leave my dog?” The questions go on and on. The employees want to leave early to prepare their homes. You open up the “HURRICANE PLANNING” book and you realize you haven’t looked at it since 2008. The stress levels rise worried about the sea levels and the thousands of decisions you are going to make over the next two week, decisions that impact lives and have huge financial implications. You decide to pick up the phone and start calling water mitigation and restoration companies. Let me start with that nice young man that left me a pen and some candy. But he does not answer, along with all the other companies because they are so busy preparing. They know they are about make more money in the next two months that they don’t have time for new clients.

This scenario is very possible and the reason you want to have a BioResponse Pre-Disaster Agreement (PDA) prepared. BioResponse is aware that in times of chaos and disaster, planning is the key to reducing the impacts of such moments. A PDA ensures service after a disaster but more importantly it provides the opportunity to partner with an established experienced restoration provider. Additionally, BioResponse provides consultation on planning, education and valuable resources to help you prepare for disasters. Other benefits:

  • Pre negotiated prices
  • Cash Back incentive program
  • Assesment and recommendations
  • Educational presentations to residents and board members
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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”


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2007 Customer

In times like these your quality work and attention to detail is appreciated.Your employees were very professional and pleasent to deal with. Thank you from all my family.


2009 Customer

Your immediate response and excellent cleaning is appreciated. Thanks for working with our budget. We plan to use Bioresponse again.